Founded with the vision to connect businesses with the right vision, B2B Business Surveys offers its specialized market research services to a diverse range of clients across the world.

We conduct extensive market research based on surveys to identify patterns. Empowered with a team of data analysts and market experts, we analyze big data to generate actionable insights for our clients.

We are an experienced team of researchers, project managers, and statisticians who have over 30 years of combined experiences in market research, data analysis, business consulting, and project management.

Our driven market research professionals focus on client service and fact finding. B2B Business Surveys specialize on centering in on the client’s need for answers and utilizing the right tools for the right job. As experts in qualitative and quantitative research, we are able to quickly and efficiently customize our research tools for your specific needs.

At B2B Business Surveys, we are always pushing the envelope and challenging ourselves to develop stronger and more effective analytical tools for our clients. We are passionate about uncovering the answers you need to increase your business.

We are so experienced with research and analytics roles that we have also been tapped by many of our clients to help them find the right fit when they are looking to hire their in-house research professionals. To satisfy the need for this service, we decided to start a new division exclusively devoted to staffing for research and analytics roles. Thus making B2B Business Surveys the country’s first research company that also provides staffing. In other words, we are researchers looking for researchers!

Our process makes us different.

Project Management

You work one-on-one with a Research Director who serves as your single point of contact, answers all queries, and ensures that your project is completed on budget and on time, every time.

Speed to Market

Because of our size and national exposure, we can be in the field within a matter of days, anywhere in the US, Canada, or globally, getting you results.


Our large fielding team, backed by cutting edge technology, enables us to collect and transmit real time customer data concurrently from multiple locations.


Each surveyor is trained on each project’s unique specs such as screening criteria, right time to approach respondents, response rate expectations, incentive qualifications, etc.


We are fanatical about testing and quality. Each surveyor is required to test the survey multiple times on their mobile devices to ensure that surveys are working properly and the data is being captured correctly. Surveyors are not allowed to enter the client facility if their test surveys have not been validated and approved by our research team.


During fielding onsite surveys, all surveyors are required to obtain electronic signatures of store management that are visible to us instantly. This is done to validate instore presence, shift start/end times, and correct locations. Timesheets presented also allow store management an opportunity to enter feedback on surveyors, in case of any concerns. Such concerns are flagged to our attention immediately for prompt action.

24/7 Monitoring

Incoming data is monitored by a team of senior researchers who look not only for typical survey issues, such as straight lining, completion rates, etc., but also watch for time to complete, start/end times, geo-stamping, verbatim quality, etc., to validate each response.


Our research team is constantly working to ensure that your project is completed as planned. During onsite research, we also call and stay connected with your store/location management to ensure that fielding is going per their expectations.

100% Guarantee

Above all, we guarantee our work 100%. So, in the event you are not satisfied with any of our services, we will redo it, or them, at no additional cost.